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Democratic Primary: Tuesday, June 25, 2024


As your neighbor and your voice in the New York State Assembly

Shana Harmongoff will champion...

• Redefining Affordable Housing:

Championing affordable housing means breaking down the word 'affordable'—ensuring it's not just a term, but a reality for every member of our community. I'm committed to crafting policies that truly make housing attainable, addressing the unique needs of individuals and families to build a more inclusive and equitable community.

• Small Businesses:

I stand firmly behind our local entrepreneurs and small businesses. I'll work tirelessly to secure funding for entrepreneurial programs, foster networking opportunities, and cut bureaucratic hurdles. Together, we can empower our small businesses, driving economic growth and securing a prosperous future for our community. 


• Mental Health & Homelessness:

Our state has one of the fewest beds for people with mental illness.
The NYPD lacks a social service unit to respond to mental health calls.
The stigma is 
not with the sick, but the power brokers who keep closing our hospitals, psychiatric facilities, and placing those in need on our streets. Many people who are unhoused are not well and should be treated as such. Steps must be taken today by our state legislators to pass laws to prevent counties and cities from placing people on the street.

• Educational Excellence:

I will tirelessly work to secure increased funding for our schools, ensuring that our students have access to cutting-edge resources, technology, and a supportive learning environment. By investing in our educators and modernizing our educational infrastructure, we can empower the next generation for a future of limitless opportunities. Let's unite for a stronger, more prosperous community through the transformative power of education.

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