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As your neighbor and your voice in the New York State Senate

Shana Harmongoff will...

• Champion an Equitable COVID Response:

As COVID has impacted our city from all facets of life, the question becomes how do we recover? Small Businesses have been among those hit the hardest as a result of the pandemic. From having to accommodate to COVID guidelines, to at points having to close down entirely, our small businesses throughout the city are in need of meaningful relief, not just rhetoric. That is why I will be introducing legislation on day 1 to help our businesses fully recover to pre-pandemic levels.


• Fight for Quality Education:

New York City is the greatest city in the world, from our restaurants to our tourist attractions, NYC is second to none. One major aspect where we are unfortunately not the greatest is in our education system. Our schools have made it more savory to drop out and take to the streets, as opposed to receiving a high school diploma and going to College. The question is, why have our schools failed our children? In short, the answer is funding, along with the lack of stressing the importance of a high quality education. As your representative in the state Senate, I will fight tooth and nail to secure as much funding down to the dollar to make this district's schools not only the best in the city but the best in the country.

• Reform the criminal justice system and modern-day policing:

We must put forth proper reforms to our current criminal justice system. Often times arrest and prison time is the way we deal with crimes of all sorts. Instead of this approach, we must work on alternative ways to rehabilitate those that have committed crimes outside of the normal routes. For example, drug courts are a fantastic solution in dealing with drug related crimes as opposed to locking people in jail, where rehabilitation does not occur. Our solutions must curb high recidivism rates as well, because people are better off being rehabilitated than being locked up. Additionally, we must hire mental health professionals to walk the streets to assist our police in dealing with mental health issues. Our police are not well equipped or trained to deal with situations like these, and only lead to negative results.

• Act to prevent Homelessness and Ensure Access to Affordable Housing:

Homelessness in this district, and even the city as a whole has gone way up, specifically during the pandemic. Instead of pretending the problem isn’t there, we must put forth measures that will not only help our homeless get off the street, but ones that will help them become functioning members of society. If a homeless person on the street has a mental health issue, let’s provide them the help they need. If someone is homeless due to lack of education or opportunity, let’s work hand in hand with them in helping them get a job or getting enrolled in school. On day one, I will propose legislation to address the homelessness crisis with bold, yet necessary proposals.